Scott Rome is a co-founder, an owner, and the lead litigator at The Veritas Law Firm.

Mr. Rome has over a dozen years of experience in handling complex and high-stakes commercial and other litigation matters throughout the District of Columbia metropolitan area. Mr. Rome has successfully first-chaired trials and otherwise led litigation teams in a wide variety of matters including disputes surrounding real property, business ownership, employment, commercial landlord-tenant relationships, hospitality law, and many other types of commercial litigation.

Mr. Rome received his J.D., from George Washington University Law School, and graduated with honors from James Madison University with a B.A. in Political Science.

Licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia, and serving as counsel in Virginia Courts on a pro hac vice basis, Mr. Rome has successfully first chaired multiple trials in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia, drafted successful appellate briefs in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, successfully litigated actions in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, and obtained an award for a Plaintiff of over $700,000.00 on a business dispute in the Circuit Court for Fairfax County, among many other accomplishments.

Also, in addition to his courtroom experience, Mr. Rome has successfully represented the interest of many clients, including dozens of hospitality clients, before the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue, the District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, multiple local Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, the Office of Administrative Hearings, and many other governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Mr. Rome has translated his extensive experience and expertise into unparalleled success for his clients inside and outside of the courtroom. While extremely successful in litigating disputes, Mr. Rome also exemplifies the Veritas mission statement by acting as a business lawyer first and foremost by keeping the client’s business interests as the highest priority in any dispute and remaining mindful of costs to the client. As a result, Mr. Rome has a stellar record of obtaining beneficial results through non-judicial and alternative methods, such as mediation, negotiated settlements, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution methods.

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